Holidays in Zakynthos

Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful and famous Greek islands. This beautiful island is a popular tourist destination and is one of the most unique islands that the Greeks can be proud of. Maybe because of its azure plague and the attractions of tourism, of which there are many.

Zakynthos beach(Zakynthos Beach)

Located in Ionian Sea and its area is approximately 407 km2. It is also called "Zante" by locals. The capital of the island is the small town of Zakynthos, where there are many small churches, a large port and a promenade by the sea. The symbols of this island are blue caves, turtles Caretta-Caretta, dolphins and the bay of Navaggio, where the abandoned wreck of an old ship is located.

The capital of the island(Capital of the island)

Fishing villages such as Porto Vromi breathe the unique atmosphere of the old towns, which still survive through fishing. Zante is a paradise for tourists, because the Ionian Sea is calm, crystal clear and especially warm. Tourists will certainly appreciate the rich hotels with excellent services and varied Greek gastronomy. However, you can also find smaller private houses for rent here.

Porto Vromi(Porto Vromi)

The island is made up of large cliffs, which can be reached on foot, or rent motorcycles. It is worthwhile if you are already on holiday in Zante, buy a trip around the island by cruise ship from your home travel agency. You will definitely not regret it, because thanks to the all-day cruise you can admire the beauty of this island in full sips. The boat will take you through the beautiful corners of the island and you can, for example, bathe in the blue caves, where the water is a little colder, but clear. You can also watch the Caretta-Caretta turtles during the cruise, as the island is their home.

Common Kareta(Caretta Caretta Slovak Caretta Caretta)

A top attraction on the island, in addition to watching turtles and swimming in the Blue Caves, is a visit to Navaggio beach. If there is a wave, it is not possible to come with the boat directly to the beach, it is necessary to be careful. The beach is hot fine sand and the purity of the bay is obvious, because the limestone bedrock created a turquoise sea there. However, care must be taken that the depth of water after three meters is very great, unsuitable for non-swimmers and children. The unique experience of the closed beach and bay is completed by the wreck of an old fishing boat, which sank there and is located on the beach. Although it is rusty, it completes the amazing atmosphere of the beach.

Navaggio beach(Navaggio Beach)

The places where most tourists are concentrated and which cannot avoid the influx of tourists during and outside the season are Argassi, Laganas, Tsillivi, Kalamaki, Agios Nikolaos, Vassilikos.

Zakynthos is an island of sun, lavender, sandy beaches, cliffs. It is a real paradise for tourists due to its unspoiled nature, romantic bays, rocky cliffs and clear water. It is not an expensive destination, you can stay there well and also eat well in any local restaurant, so if you have the opportunity to travel to this holiday paradise and take a closer look. You will definitely not regret your holiday in Zakynthos, because it combines unreal peace, silence and Greek tradition.

Map of Zakynthos(Map of Zakynthos)

Holidays in Zakynthos