Greek island of Karpathos

Karpathos is a 50 km long Greek island located between Rhodes and Crete. It is symbolically divided into two parts, northern and southern. These two parts are divided by the Dodecanese Mountains. In the south of the island there are beautiful beaches and in the north there is a small island with the ruins of the ancient city of Palatia.

Karpathos island(Karpathos is a place where beautiful nature and a paradise of tourism come together)

The capital of the island is Pigadia, which lies on the south coast. The south of the island is the most developed tourist destination. Despite tourism, which mostly significantly changes the appearance of destinations, Karpathos retains a strong Greek character. The south is probably changing the most, the interior and the north remain virtually untouched.

Karpathos town Pigadia(Capital of the island - Pigadia)

Greek island with everything

The island is characterized mainly by small villages hidden between the mountains. There are only 12 of them on the whole island. The local architecture is typically Greek, during the holidays people dress in traditional costumes and celebrate various holidays. The tourist will experience the perfect traditional Greek culture that will enrich his soul.

carpathians map(The island is only a few tens of kilometers from Crete)

If you go to the island through a travel agency, it will usually take care of transport. If you go on your own, the easiest way to move around the island is to rent a rental vehicle. As everywhere else in Greece, relying on buses is not the best way. They drive very irregularly. You can also use a bicycle or a taxi, but it is quite overpriced.

Karpathos island vacation(Secluded and quiet places to swim on the island)

A piece of vacation for everyone

Tourists should definitely not miss a visit to the village of Olympos. It is in it that everything is typically Greek. Houses, clothes, food and people. Only 200 inhabitants live there, who are very happy to welcome every visitor. Also worth a visit is Kali Limni, the highest peak of the island. There is a wonderful view from it in beautiful weather. The island is also known for strong winds. It is therefore suitable for water sports such as windsurfing. However, it also provides nice and clean beaches. The weather is very constant here, up to 99% days a year is beautifully sunny. The most beautiful month of the year is September, then it blows the least and it is very pleasant.

Karpathos island(The island is lined with countless beaches)

Hospitality and kitchen

The locals are very pleasant to tourists. They like to treat themselves to a traditional dish called macaroon. Which are very reminiscent of our dumplings. However, it is a pasta that is served sprinkled with homemade cheese and fried onions. There are many restaurants on the island, most of which are family businesses. They offer truly homemade food that no visitor should miss. If you are attracted by non-traditional experiences, rent a quad bike and go to the north of the island to discover lesser-known beaches.

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