The popular island of Kos

Kos is a popular Greek island. It lies in the Aegean Sea off the Turkish coast on the edge of the Gulf of Kosovo. It has about 26,000 permanent residents. The total length of its coast is 112 km. The capital of this island is the eponymous city of Kos. It is an important center of tourism. It has about 12,000 inhabitants, but due to the fact that the surrounding villages are still joining it, this number is growing.

Odysseus Hotel on the island of Kos(Odysseus Hotel complex on Kos island)

A beautiful island full of history

On Kos there are quite a few attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. After the earthquake in 1933, many ancient monuments were discovered. Kos is the birthplace of an important ancient physician - Hippocrates of Kos.

History of Kos(History breathes on every corner here)

Tourism is the main source of income for islanders. The beaches, which are washed by the clear sea, are very well maintained and clean, so tourists like to come here. There are many nice hotels with friendly staff. People who do not work in the field of tourism mostly make a living from agriculture. Vines, olives, almonds, figs or cereals such as wheat and maize are mainly grown here. It is the domestic crops that the Greeks are very happy to serve visitors, they want to give them only the best.

Kos island beach(Kos island is mainly beautiful beaches and warm sea)

An island that has a lot to offer

Although many people are looking for Greek resorts to relax on the beach, even more active holidaymakers will not be bored on Kosa. Those who have already visited Kos recommend renting a car and exploring the island on their own paths. The capital has a lot to offer, as well as ancient monuments scattered throughout the island.

The port of the capital of Kos(Port in the capital of Kos)

Just to jump to Turkey

If you want to visit another country, it is really only a short distance from the port to neighboring Turkey. The boats leave every day. The cruise takes about 50 minutes, you need to take your passport for the trip. Another option for an interesting trip is a visit to the island of Nisyros. It is nicknamed the Sleeping Volcano. The island was formed by the eruption of the volcano Diabates, which was still occasionally active in the Middle Ages. The trips are either organized, but then they are quite short and according to some visitors are not enough to tour the whole island. However, they can also be organized individually.

Map of the island of Kos(The map of the island is rich, there is something to discover in every place)

Thanks to its history, Greece still has a lot to offer and the island of Kos is no exception. It is full of interesting historical monuments, ancient buildings, but visitors will also be interested in the everyday life of the inhabitants, which is very different from ours. An unforgettable holiday full of interesting experiences and relaxation awaits you on the island of Kos.

Holidays in Kos